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Felicita Maynard
Masculine Women, Feminine Men! 


20 x 16  inches

Edition of 20 



This poster is part of Maynard's Ole Dandy series. This body of work is an introspective into the lives of male impersonators Angelo Lwazi Owenzayo and Jean Loren Feliz in 1900's Brooklyn, NYC. Owentayo's & Feliz’s characters are fictional entertainers based off the career and life of Florence Hines, a drag king and singer from 1890's-1920's.


Jean Loren Feliz & Angelo Lwazi Owenzayo are characters based from historical fantasy. They challenge gender norms because they are non-binary individuals who push the concept of drag outside of the theatre environment. Through these fictional characters I hope to offer representation in history to a marginalized and misrepresented population, which were trans and non-binary people of color. I want to also highlight the diversity and fluidity of queer Edwardian life in NYC.




Masculine Women, Feminine Men by Felicita Maynard

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