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Elisabeth Horan is an imperfect creature from Vermont advocating for animals, children and those suffering alone and in pain - especially those ostracized by disability and mental illness. 


She is Editor in Chief at Animal Heart Press and Co-Editor at Ice Floe Press. Her newest collection, The Mask, was released November, 2021 at Broken Spine Arts. Her poetry collections can be found at Fly on the Wall Press, Cephalo Press, Twist in Time Press, Moonchild Magazine, and Animal Heart Press (co-authored with Adedayo Agarau). 


She is a poetry mentor to many up and coming brilliant poets, and proud momma to Peter and Thomas.


She has earned a Masters in English and her MFA in Poetry from Lindenwood University. She teaches English and Writing at her local community college.

Elisabeth Horan - The Mask

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